December Favourites

A Few things that I’ve been using and loving all through December.

Hello Everyone!! I thought with it coming to the end of December I would share a few things that I’ve been using and loving all through December. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Christmas Jumper 

I bought this jumper at the beginning of December, it’s the best lounge wear jumper ever for Christmas! I wore this all Christmas day and obviously I’ve been wearing throughout December as well. It’s so soft and fluffy! The reindeer on the front is adorable it’s what sold it to me, I saw it and thought I need to order that now. It’s from Matalan and it cost £12.00

Clarks Suede Boots

These boots are so comfy! They fit perfectly and I find shoes quite hard to buy for due to needing to wear insoles every day and being wide fit, these are worth every penny and go with pretty much every outfit. they are that comfy I have been wearing them to work which normally I wouldn’t with them having a heal on them as most day’s I’m on my feet quite a lot and these cost £70.00

Christmas Earrings

I’ve never had any Christmas earrings before so I thought this year I would have a look around and see if I could get any. I found a lovely set in new look it comes with 5 different Christmas themed stud earring and 1 plain diamond pair but I couldn’t find them so that’s why in the feature picture above there is only 5 🙂 I think they were £4.99 or £5.99 I can’t remember and they’re not selling them online anymore.

Christmas Films

My all-time favourite Christmas film has to be Polar Express and also the hot chocolate scene is the best! If you’ve not seen this film I recommend you do.

santa-mugSanta Mug

I’m so sad that this mug will be packed up in the loft in the next couple of days. I’ve been using this mug all month, it’s the greatest Christmas mug ever! My dad bought it for me from Tesco, last time I was in there I saw it for £3.50 I’m not 100% if that was a discounted price or not.

Honey and Lemon Jakemans 

I was a massive fan of the Original flavour Jackman’s but that’s completely changed now, I cannot get enough of these yummy little sweets! I know there not actually sweets and are really only meant for a sore throat, I’ve not been having that many of them I just make sure I always have a bag handy in case I feel a bit blocked up or my throat is a bit scratchy.

 Honey and Lemon Tetley Immune Tea

I’m really surprised I like this tea as before having this or the Jakemans I’ve mentioned above I never really had or liked the taste of honey and now I can’t get enough of the stuff, I’ve been having one of these teas most mornings for a few month now and I’m not 100% sure they actually help with your immune system but I’ve not been sick this winter yet so that must be a good sign! *touch wood*they are very nice for your first morning cuppa 🙂


Christmas Quilt Cover – ASDA Living £14.00


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