Mascara, Lipstick, Bronzer and Fixing Spray

Here are a couple of my favourite make up products that I’m loving at the moment and there all under £10!


Let’s just take a minute to look at this beautiful packaging! I’m not going to lie it’s pretty much what made me buy this mascara. Luckily enough it’s a really good mascara as well and the brush is just the right size for me. It lasts all day and it doesn’t make my lashes feel dry and feel like they’re going to snap off! Which is what some mascaras have done in the past which has resulted in me having to take if off because I can’t stand how it felt, this isn’t good when your spending from £8-£15 on barry-mmascara and can’t wear it. Another reason to love this mascara it’s ONLY £5!! It’s made by Barry M but unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the superdrug website but you can also find it at


 I was a bit unsure when buying my first collection lipstick, I was told by Anna (my sister) that they were really good and are very cheap compared to most lipsticks on the high streets these days. I have now been buying these lipsticks for months! They are great for the price I mean they don’t last all day put I wouldn’t expect them too, most of the lipsticks on the high streets don’t last 24 hours and to be honest I don’t want my lipstick to last that long I like redoing my lipstick once or twice a day, they’re so creamy and just go on like a dream, they don’t dry my lips out apart from matte ones which I’m not a massive fan of matte lipsticks anyway. They come in soooo many different colours so there is plenty to test out. I tend to stick to nude or pink lipsticks, I’ve not ventured out with any other colours before maybe that could be something for me to try out this year. I nearly forgot to mention as well that they are ONLY £2.99


I’ve had and used Urban Decay setting spray and I thought I was going to have to keep spending a fortune on setting spray because no other spray was going to models-ownbe as good. I have now found a setting spray that is just as good and much cheaper! It’s from Models Own and is only £7.99, it doesn’t smell that bad either 🙂 it doesn’t smell amazing and the smell doesn’t stick around for long. It has a life of 12 months, which is great for me because I only ever use it if I’m going full on with my make up which isn’t very often as I like minimal make up. I highly recommend this and you can purchase it in Superdrug and Models Own.


The colour of this bronzer is beautiful! As you can see in the picture at the bottom it has a couple of different shades going through it, this is what I love about baked products. It’s what it looks like in the packaging. I cannot get over the fact this bronzer is only £4.00!!! Its bloody amazing stuff, I pretty much wear this every day to work and get asked all the time where I got it from. One of my work friends actually loved it that much that she asked me to pick her one up from Superdrug next time I was in and she couldn’t believe it when I told her it was only £4.00, it can also be used as an eye shadow if you’re like me and like to get a couple of uses out of your products, I’ve got blue eyes and I think It makes my eyes really standout.


All products under £10.00



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