A few shower products I’ve used and currently using that are under £10.00

This post is going to be about a couple of shower products that I’ve used or am currently using. All these products are under £10 and can be bought in high street shops and supermarkets, I hope you all enjoy and if you have any shower products you think I’ll like please leave a comment. 🙂


Yes I know this is shaving cream for men but it’s so much cheaper than buying shaving cream that’s made for women and they don’t always have any for sensitive skin. I never have any problems when using this I don’t get any red rashes from irritated skin after shaving or make me itchy. I normally stock up on this when it’s on offer for £1 which is great value.


I always use one of these, they make me feel cleaner and I believe it saves on shower gel. They don’t cost much and I normally buy the packs 2 or 4 in so you’ve always got some spare, you don’t want to keep using the same one for months after months as they can become unhygienic after a while.


I hadn’t used any of Jack Will’s body products until recently, my fiancé bought me their box of body washes and creams for Christmas and I must say I’m pretty impressed all the stuff I got makes my skins feel soft and it all smells great 🙂 the shower gel smells like roses I think and it’s a really thick gel, I got the English velvet body butter as well and I always make sure I put this on after using the shower gel as it makes the smell linger a lot longer. It’s £6.00 for the shower gel and unfortunately I cannot find the body butter on their website but it’s coming up on e-bay and people are selling them from £5-£8.


I love these shower gels they smell amazing!! I had a large bottle of the marshmallow scent and absolutely loved it, the smells lingers on your skin for a reasonable amount of time and they’remarshmallow not expensive to buy at £3.00 for a 500ml bottle. The travel size bottles are 100ml and these are brilliant for taking away on holiday or short weekends and they only cost me 99p!! 🙂 How amazing is that!! You can get soooo many scents as well I’ve only used the marshmallow and honey comb ones at the moment as they’re my favourite but I’ll have to get a few more. 🙂


I haven’t always used a shower cap until about 3 months ago I got one from Primark to see if it would actually work as it was only £2-£3 I think it wasn’t very expensive. I’m really impressed I still have the same shower cap now and it keeps my hair dry and none of the fabric has come away, it’s really good quality so I won’t be wasting £6-£10 on shower caps as some I’ve seen have been that expensive. If you’re in need of a shower cap head over to Primark they’re normally around the queue areas.


I’ve left my favourite to last, I absolutely bloody LOVE this stuff! I cannobody-washt get enough of it. It smells incredible, its £5.50 and it’s worth every penny in my eyes it leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing, it has small moisture beads which give you a really cleansed feeling. If you like floral fragrances you’ll love the smell of this and Sanctuary Spa is not tested on animals and vegan friendly.


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