My first ever spa experience and about the place I went to and the treatments I had, it was such a relaxing day, none of us wanted to leave. 🙂

Hello Everyone!!!

Today I thought I would write a post about my first ever spa experience and about the place I went to and the treatments I had. I hope you all enjoy and if you have any spa day experiences please share.


The Grange spa is a lovely little spa in Pointon Lincolnshire, we decided to go because it was my grans and sisters birthday the other week so we bought them between the family the cosy and calm full day which is £130 and  is available  until the 15th March. It is worth every penny!!!.

9.00am until 5pm

It includes:

Full use of the facilities

Use of a fluffy towel and robe for the duration of your visit

Welcome drink on arrival

Seasonal hot drink, you can choose from hot chocolate, eggnog latte, gingerbread latte, mulled wine or winter spiced tea.

You get a 50 minute treatment and can choose from the 3 listed – Beauty ritual facial, Clementine cocoon or Twinkle toes pedicure.

You get a 20 minute treatment and can choose from the 3 listed – File and Polish, pre party skin prep or hot stone back massage.

We all had an absolutely fantastic day! It was so relaxing and peaceful none of us wanted to leave.

I had the twinkle toes pedicure and I’ve never had my feet done before so I didn’t know what to expect, it was great my feet look amazing and they’re so soft 🙂 the lady that did them as well was lovely, I also went for the hot stone back massage, the stone were bloody hot! When she asked if the temperature was ok I had to ask her to cool them down slightly, I would definitely pick that treatment again it was so relaxing (once cooled down slightly) and made my back feel great.

The food was great, I had a spinach and feta tart with coleslaw, salad and we had some brown seeded bread and butter to share and an elderflower, throughout the day you could ask for drinks and cake but these do come at an extra cost.

We had use of the swimming pool, 3 saunas which were all different, one was a herbal and one was like being in a room full of hot steamy vicks and I cannot remember what the last one had in it, 2 showers but they weren’t just normal showers one was a mint shower and the other was tropical, they both smelt amazing!

The quiet room was lovely it was so cosy, the sofa and chairs in there were very comfortable! It was so cosy that I managed to fall asleep and to my sisters amusement i had my head back on a pillow with my mouth wide open! I was definitely relaxed hahaha. It also had a small library full of books for everyone to use. I took my own book with me because I hate going somewhere and not been able to take the book back with me and not finishing it.

The changing room, shower and toilets I was really impressed by, they were soo warm and clean, the whole spa was spotless to be honest nothing was out of place and towels or anything anyone left was cleaned or picked up straightaway.

The staff were friendly, polite and very helpful and would always ask if you needed anything. The ladies that did our treatment were great, very friendly and were brilliant at every treatment none of us felt uncomfortable or not relaxed, they were just fantastic.

We had such an amazing time we have already decided that we will be going back for mine and mums birthday in April and I’m already excited and cannot wait.

Here is the link to the grange website – www.thegrangespa.co.uk

Thank you to my sister Anna Rae for the featured image, her website – www.raedesign.co.uk

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Bye 🙂



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