Hello Everyone, here is my 30 facts about me for anyone that follows my blog and would like to know a bit more about me. 🙂 hope you all enjoy 🙂

1)      My middle name is Nicole

2)      I was born in wales

3)      I have a younger brother and older sister (I’m the middle child)

4)      I’m engaged to Daniel and we’ve been together nearly 3 years, it’ll be our 3 year anniversary in May! We’ve been engaged now for a year and hopefully planning on the wedding being in 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

5)      Me and Daniel are currently saving to buy my first home (it’s quite stressful) were struggling to find a mortgage because we’ve got a low deposit so we’ve decided to carry on saving for another couple of years, while we save though we have decided to find somewhere to rent for the next 2 years with me being 25 this year and Dan is 30 it’s time we moved out of my parents’ house and I’m sure my parents want us to get our own place as well. Please leave a comment if you’re going through a similar thing and have any advice or tips. 🙂

6)      I have 2 dogs – 1 jack Russel called Jack and Staffy/Lab called Murphy

7)      I’m an Auntie

8)      December is my favourite month

9)      I’ve always wanted to go to New York City

10)   I talk over people when I’m over excited

11)   Coca cola makes me hypimg_20160817_085500-01er, I only drink coke zero now

12)   I haven’t dyed my hair in nearly 2 years (that’s my natural hair colour in my profile picture) it feels really soft and it’s in the best condition it has ever been in! Some days it looks a little dull though, if you have any tips or products I could use please leave a comment! 🙂

13)   I believe family is the most important thing.

14)   I believe everything happens for a reason.

15)   I love living in the countryside.

16)   I’m obsessed with lush products (I currently don’t have a bath L it’s very sad) as soon as I move out I’ll be hitting lush and buying loads and loads of bath bombs!

17)   I’m obsessed with rose gold

18)   I think fairy lights make any room look cosy and warm

19)   I like watching documents about sharks even though I have a fear of them (I would never go in the sea abroad)

20)   I LOVE christmas time.

21)   I can read in the car.

22)   I hate walking around in bare feet, I pretty much live in fluffy socks or my slippers

23)   I don’t eat chocolate that often but I absolutely LOVE sweets!

24)   I enjoy working out but I only ever do it if I’m in the mood, if I’m tired or just don’t have it in me I don’t bother with it and I always make sure I change up what I’m doing or I lose motivation and get bored.

25)   I LOVE Disney films, I don’t care what anyone says you are never too old for a Disney film.

26)   I love experimenting with fashion, as I get older I find I’m becoming a bit more daring with what I wear.

27)   I don’t wear a lot of make-up, I prefer the natural look but this year I am going to try some new looks and be a bit more daring.

28)   I would wear converse every single day if I could.

29)   I believe it’s not about having loads of friends it’s about having a couple of friends that you’ll be friends for life, I’ve had many friends and I don’t speak to hardly any of them. I use to think it was all about the amount of friends you had but it’s really not, I can count on one hand the amount of friends I have now and I’ll still be in touch with them in 10 years from now.

30)   Board games bring out the bad side of me and my family! Hahaha I don’t think we’ve ever played a quite game of Pictionary.

Thank you all for reading, I hoped you all enjoyed it 🙂



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