DIY Tea Box

DIY TEA BOX! If you love having different flavours of tea you’ll love this! 🙂

Hello Everyone!! 🙂

This post is how to create your own unique tea box, I have a slight obsession with different flavoured tea and herbal teas. My Christmas present from my sister was a tea box that she had made especially for me and it was full of different types of tea for me to try.

I have asked my sister to write down below how she created my tea box and after I’ll make a list of all the different flavoured teas and where you can buy them from. 🙂

I have also added in at the bottom a picture of my Tea Box! 🙂


  1. First I bought the box! The best one I found online was from an eBay store called Woodenland and they stock a huge variety of unpainted items ideal for DIY gifts. I bought the 16 section unpainted tea box.
  2. Next I painted the whole box in some left over off-white wall paint, I used Crown Breatheasy Cream White.
  3. Next I masking taped off the first part of the union jack, the cross, I painted that with an acrylic mix I made up and then repeated the process with the second cross over the top.
  4. Once the crosses were dry, using paler versions of the cross colours I decorated the crosses, one with some simple flowers and one with simple polka dots.
  5. I then moved on to the centre where I had already drawn my text and decorations etc, all that was left to do was paint using the acrylic mixes from before.
  6. The metallic paint I used along all the edges and on the text frame is Rangers Liquid Pearls in Rose Gold and the Glitter along the other edges is Rangers Stickles Rose Gold.
  7. The inside I left the off-white and then filled with various tea bags from Tesco!


Here is a list and links of all the tea bags my sister bought and I have also repurchased to stock up.

Twinings Classic Selection

English breakfast

English Strong Breakfast


Earl Grey: Black Tea with the fragrant flavour of bergamot and lemon

Twinings Mint Selection

Peppermint – A Peppermint Herbal Infusion

Buttermint – A Peppermint Herbal Infusion with Vanilla Flavour

Double Mint – A Peppermint Herbal Infusion with Mint Flavour

Peppermint and Liquorice – A Peppermint & Liquorice Herbal Infusion with Blackcurrant Flavour

Twinings Camomile Selection

Camomile – A Camomile Herbal Infusion.

Camomile & Honey – A Camomile Herbal Infusion with Honey & Vanilla Flavours.

Camomile & Spiced Apple – A Camomile Herbal Infusion with Apple Flavour & Cinnamon.

Camomile & Spearmint – A Camomile and Spearmint Herbal Infusion.

Twinings Fruit Selection

Cranberry & Raspberry – A Herbal Infusion with Cranberry & Raspberry Flavours.

Mango & Strawberry – A Herbal Infusion with Mango & Strawberry Flavours.

Blackcurrant & Blueberry – A Herbal Infusion with Blackcurrant & Blueberry Flavours.

St. Clements – A Herbal Infusion with Orange & Lemon Flavours.

My favourite teas currently have to be –

Earl Grey

Butter mint

Honey and Camomile

Thank you for reading and I hoped you all enjoy my post 🙂





My Tea Box







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