Here are a couple of my favourite products I’ve been loving in January 🙂

Hello Everyone!!

January has now gone so it’s time for January Favourites! I hope you enjoy this post, please let me know if you have anything that you recommend and think I should give it a try, I’m always looking for new things to try out.




Dinosaur Slippers

I have been living in these slippers since I bought them, they are such a fun/cute pair of slippers and I’ve never had any like this before, I normally get the boot type ones but fancied a change so I went for it and they’re in the new look sale which is even better! I think I paid £5.00 for them and their now £3.00 so you can’t go wrong 🙂



As well as living in my slippers I have also been wearing this jumper a lot ( the jumper has been washed!) it’s so soft and comfy, I bought it to wear to the spa as I was wearing yoga pants but wanted a hoodie that went over my bum haha. It’s from ASDA George I think it was £12.00 but I’ll double check and leave the link in the header for you all. It’s 100% worth £12.00 you wouldn’t think it’s come from ASDA at all and if you like long jumpers/hoodies I would recommend this.They don’t have the grey jumper in stock anymore but I’ve added the link to ASDA’s grey jumpers because they have loads of different ones.


I bought this when I went into lush to pick some bits up from the sale (I couldn’t resist) and I was a bit sceptical and didn’t know what to expect, I’ve got oily skin and it’s hardly ever clear, when I have my monthly break out it seems to take weeks to become clear and by the time its clearing up it is time of the month again and I’ve got a break out. I explained to the lady in lush who was very helpful and she recommended this product for me so I bought it and thought I would give it ago. I’m so happy I did I will 100% be repurchasing this again it works just like or even better than others you would find in boots or Superdrug but it’s 100% natural. It can make spots disappear within 2-4 days of using it and it reduces redness overnight which I’m really happy about because when I’ve got a bad breakout I don’t like to wear concealer or foundation I just don’t think it helps and makes them take even longer to disappear. My Fiancé Daniel has even been asking me to put this on his spots when there really bad so it must be good! I’m currently trying to get him into a bit of skin care, all he does at the moment is wash his face! No moisturiser or anything, he’s one of them lucky people that doesn’t have bad skin and if he does he can just grow a beard ha I cannot grow a beard to hide my spots…well not yet anyway haha.


I’ve been pairing this toner water with the Grease Lighting spot treatment and it’s refreshing and smells clean and I believe it does improve my skin, I normally put this on after I’ve applied the spot treatment and a couple of sprays is enough but I will say once you’ve used these two products together you want to leave it a good 10 minutes and let it all absorb into the skin before adding moisturiser, you will need to put moisturiser on after as this does make your skin very dry! But it’s worth it, I bought the small bottle to try because I didn’t want to waste money on a big bottle and it not agree with my skin because it’s quite sensitive as well as being oily! (Grrrr it’s so annoying!) I know a lot more people have it much worse than I do so I won’t complain too much about it. I will be repurchasing this product again as well and buying the bigger bottle.  🙂


Lush – Tea Tree Water, Grease Lightning and King of Skin Body Butter 



This jumper was one of them I cannot leave this shop until I have bought this and it was in the sale so even more reason to buy it! It’s an absolute beautiful jumper, I love the frill that goes cross the jumperchest and carries on across onto the arms and the flowers are lovely and colourful, I just think it’s a statement piece but It’s not in your faces and really bright and I really like pieces of clothing like that. I’ve been wearing it with my pastel black jeans and my white converse or my black ankle boots. I will say though I bought it in a size 10 and it’s a little baggy at the front and back but the arms are quite tight so I would recommend trying it on before buying it.



Daniels mum and dad bought me this for Christmas, I didn’t even know Baylis & Harding did candles I just thought they did body washes and lotions. This candle smells great, it’s the perfect scent for December and January time and it lasts ages, I’ve been burning it since I got it on Christmas day and I’ve still got a few hours left. I’ll be looking to see what other scents they do and try them out 🙂



My top film this month is Girl on the Train, I thought it was absolutely brilliant there were so many twists and stuff that happened that you just wasn’t expecting and I love watching a film where you have no idea what is going to happen next and keeps you on your toes and for me this film did exactly that! I’m not going to say anything about the film because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. I’ve been told the book is even better though so I’ll be ordering that but I can’t decide if I should get it for my amazon tablet or the paper copy, I’m still not 100% loving reading books on it yet.

That’s a couple of my favourite things that I’ve been loving this month and thank you all for reading.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope everyone has a lovely February! 🙂





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